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Track All Your Incoming Loan Payments

Our newest version of LoanShark, our award winning mortgage and loan management software, is now available with more power, features and options than ever. It has been a long time in the making and testing stages and incorporates many user requested and suggested changes. LoanShark 7.5 can now handle quarterly payments from your notes or mortgage loans. This has been requested several times and has now been made a part of the software options.

If you are holding notes receivables such as one or more mortgage notes on real estate, or loans on personal property such as new or used cars, mobile homes or any other items, you need our LoanShark mortgage management, loan servicing and amortization software to manage, record and document your incoming loan payments.

Did you sell your home or other real estate with owner financing?
Are you a dealer financing cars, mobile homes or equipment?

Whether you are a real estate mortgage lender, investor, mortgage note buyer, real estate note buyer, collection agent or private lender with one or more outstanding loans, this mortgage note and loan amortization software will keep track of all types of repayment methods such as monthly, biweekly, weekly and quarterly payments.

LoanShark can also calculate and maintain payment records of interest only mortgage loans that have a fixed (such as monthly) payment schedule, as well as daily payable interest mortgage loans where payments are random or without a fixed time of payment.

Other LoanShark Program Features:

Provision for escrow collection and disbursement of taxes and/or insurance.

Post multiple receipts for the same payment period. Automatically computes principal, interest, remaining balance and late payment penalty (if any). Preset penalty values by fixed amount, percentage of loan balance or daily interest rate.

Penalties such as late payment fees or insufficient interest can be added to the remaining balance for amortization, or you can elect to charge them as a debit to the account.

Obtain payoff amounts including per-diem interest for a specified date.

View and print payment history for any given timeframe. Total or yearly summary reports of principal and interest received. Print automatic late-payment notices. Most reports now include the ability to email results to the borrower where appropriate.

Generate data reports to include year end income notes receivable summaries for tax purposes.

Create loan payment coupons and end-of-year statements to send to borrowers, print envelopes or letters on plain paper or your letterhead.

Attach your own notes or remarks pertaining to specific payment receipts.

Store, display and print multiple images of the property and/or related documents.

Includes a financial calculator, printable loan amortization schedule creator, time value of money - future value / present value calculations and more......

Please download the free trial to evaluate the program before you buy!

The trial program is fully functional with the exception of some printing
restrictions and will run 14 days before registration is required.

System Requirements: Windows© XP , Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Sorry - there is no Mac© version

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